Anthony Hamilton Feat. Tarsha McMilian – “I Hurt You”

09.26.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

With each new Anthony Hamilton track that surfaces, Gotty and I find ourselves more and more confused and intrigued by this method. But I think I may have figured it out. What if these songs are being released in succession to tell a story?High School Love” was exactly how David explained it; an ode to the younger days when puppy love felt like real love. Next, “My Friend” was Anthony reuniting with an old flame (possibly from his teenage years). And now, the most recent leak, “I Hurt You,” finds A.H. and Tarsha McMilian getting to the meat of their issues trading equally remorseful and heartfelt lines toward another. This may be the sample yet since it showcases Hamilton is at his best. He’s singing from a dark place and the fact a guest appears on the song makes the back and forth more relatable as two ex-lovers attempt to figure out where things went wrong.

At least, that’s what I’m getting from this sudden flurry of mp3’s.

Anthony Hamilton Feat. Tarsha McMilian – “I Hurt You”

Respect: YK2

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