Apollo Brown Feat. Oddisee – “The Times”

04.13.11 7 years ago

Slowly, but in a blessedly peaceful way, Sudan is preparing to split into two separate nations after nearly 99% of voters in the southern part of the country voted for independence in late January. With memories of a brutal civil war fresh in the minds of the citizens, it’s a time of tremendous upheaval for the country. Oddisee, who is half-Sudanese, decided to grace “Tao Te Ching” from Apollo Brown’s Clouds with his reflections as the process moves forward.

Retitled “The Times,” the song is a strong piece of work by Apollo. His message is heartfelt and powerful, his talent in full effect, and the swelling horns – which as Beware aptly stated “command more respect than General Patton” – add stirring, inspirational air to the proceedings. When they’re pumping through the headphones, it’s hard not to get chills when the hook starts up: “And my, my look at the times we’re living in, As blind eyes begin to see the vivid end, As time dies, a new era fit to begin, Let’s celebrate the end, and get to starting over.” Wise words.

Apollo Brown’s Clouds is available now in stores and on iTunes.

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