Bad Meets Evil – “I’m On Everything”

05.27.11 7 years ago 37 Comments

And so another leak from the much hyped, immeasurably delayed collaboration hits the e-waves. Finally, it looks like Hell: The Sequel has a definite release and the accompanying momentum.

And the crowd goes wild. Right?

As much as I thought I’d be first in line waiting to hear Em and Royce’s new music, none of the recent tracks have really moved me. While I’ll openly praise Nickel’s lyricism, he is one-dimensional, his hook game is way over par and he can’t craft an entire song by himself. And as great as Marshall is (or was), most of his post-hiatus music has been pretty average as well. “I’m On Everything” is no different. It starts off pretty lackluster before managing to end on a strong note, but overall isn’t anything worth dropping jaws at.

The bottom line is all these songs with “legendary” collaborations seem otherworldly only on paper. In this day and age of music saturation, they’re just one-hitter-quitters, meaning you’ll hear it one time before shifting them into the 81% bin. “I’m On Everything” seems no different. It’ll fade out in a few days and this EP will be largely forgotten. Don’t believe me? Show me how many plays all of their songs from November until now have? Two? Five, tops? And how many times did you play them this month? None?

There’s plenty of new talent out here with artists that I’d rather listen to, who’re doing more innovative things and pushing the music to new heights. And yeah I’m an Eminem fan so I’ll give any of his tracks a courtesy spin. More often than not, what I’ve found is the same old same old inside of different packaging.

Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″) – “I’m On Everything”

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