Brian Ennals: Regular Rap Name, Irregular Talent

08.02.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Quite frankly, this post would’ve been a Notable Quotable had “Newport Music” not been my introduction to Brian Ennals. Then again, we get so many submissions that ride the coattails of mediocrity, maybe it was simply hearing something so original from this Severn, MD rhymer that caught me off guard. In a realm far above hip-hop, this quirky MC with a government name comes across as a soulful street poet with no shame on this silky smooth sax-based production, which is obvious upon hearing his scarred charm on the initial two bars.

“Max B got took a L cause his lawyer was incompetent, I’m on four Zannys, about to loose consciousness/ It’s getting too dark, niggas is magic eight-balls/ these crackas is pool sharks”

Then again, the verse that deserved the full transcript treatment was actually the second.

“Nat Turner’s the only nigga that ever really went ham, I wanna be Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam/ Sniffin blow up in the reefer spot, if this was ’69 I’d be knee-deep in Aretha’s twat.”

I mean, c’mon. From four lines, you know the guy’s an educated music buff with a way for words, who isn’t afraid to step on toes or leave prescription bottles unscathed. Plus, he can sing. Listen to four lines from most other rappers right now and you’ll get basically just get insulted. However, hearing Brian Ennals crooning advanced punch-lines from behind a fifth of bourbon and blunt about anything from lost friends to African queens who like Too Short is far from the norm, which ironically results in a breath of fresh air from a song soaked in overpriced nicotine.

To hear the salty brilliance of Ennals for yourself, download this single from his upcoming Candy Cigarettes project below, along with two bonus tracks. Let’s hope he can keep up the quality.

Brian Ennals – “Newport Music”

Brian Ennals – “Fresh Prince House”

Brian Ennals – “Drugs”

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