Frank Ocean Wrote Bridget Kelly A Love Song

07.30.11 6 years ago 21 Comments

Frank Ocean landed songwriting credits on Beyonce’s 4. Frank Ocean’s featured on Watch The Throne. Frank Ocean’s also allegedly on Jay-Z’s new album. And Frank Ocean is also giving assists away to those close to Jay. The recipient this time being Roc Nation’s Bridget Kelly. With the lyrics and direction of OFWGKTA ladies’ man, B.K. crafts a sultry tune of romance and the future for all the lovebirds out there. Consider “Thinking About Forever” the type of record you spin on one of those weekend nights cuddled up in the crib with your significant other. On a business tip, however, it appears as if Kelz is gearing up for some sort of push with Boss Carter even being as quoted as saying Bridget is “ready for her close up.”

To that I say this, even a blind man says we’ll see. Bridget’s got the right platform, the right resources and a quality voice. But we’ve seen this “princess of the Roc” drill before and how that panned out has been well noted. Anywho, I’ll root for Miss Kelly to succeed because outright hating just isn’t in my nature (except in sports). Hopefully an EP or something is on the horizon because Frank Ocean records, at least at this point, are not meant to be throwaways.

Bridget Kelly – “Thinking About Forever” (Prod. By No I.D., Linda Perry & David Hodges)

Respect: L+T

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