Chance Fischer – “The Truth”

03.14.12 6 years ago

Chance Fischer could easily keep quiet until Friends.Romans.Collegemen drops this spring. But then again, it’s 2012 and being quiet on the music scene can backfire in ways some careers never recover. This logic in mind, the Richmond native decided to let loose to his self-proclaimed tribute to Just Blaze with “The Truth.”

“I’ve always been a big Just Blaze fan and particularly feels he molded my view of how rap should sound. This is one of my favorites by him so I figured I’d give it a reinterpretation,” said the Cornell University grad. If the backdrop sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Chance highjacks Fat Joe’s “Safe 2 Say” and embarks on a high speed chase of punchlines, acrobatic wordplay and pent up aggression towards his hometown and their occasional stubbornness to support his sound.

Chance Fischer – “The Truth”

Bonus: For those still unfamiliar with Fischer but don’t feel like searching through Google, check out this video. It’s basically everything you’d need to know about buddy in under four minutes.

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