An Open Letter To Donald Glover…

04.04.12 6 years ago 77 Comments

Dear Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover,

Anyone that knows me is aware I’m a huge fan of your music and comedy and have been ever since you freaked out at the end of the third episode of Community. I thought your Mystery Team movie was a riot just like your stand-up. And, as far as Camp goes, it still stands as one of my favorite projects from 2011, filled with music that was honest, brilliantly written and raw. In an Internet full of people that have made fun of you and your work, I’ve stood tall as a fan and supporter.

Which makes it even more disappointing to have to deal with this issue. About a minute into “Eat Your Vegetables,” I had to cut the track off.

“I die for my hood, Trayvooooooon”

What in the f**k? Did you really just use a dead teenager as a f**king punchline? I’ve listened to lots of rap and I understand that it pushes all kinds of boundaries. In fact, I can’t remember a time I’ve been downright upset or offended by a rap lyric. But you thought it was cute to use a punchline about a kid that was shot in cold blood like it was another of your endless d**k jokes. That’s disgusting, dude. And cheap. And it wasn’t even clever. That wack a$$ line can go sit in the corner next to Touré. And you’re a comedian, too, so you should know what’s funny and not.

When I heard the line and started getting upset, people reminded me of your “made the beat and murdered it…Casey Anthony” line from Camp. While that was risque, I didn’t get offended because it was pointing out that “hey, we know she killed that baby.” The line was more pointing at Anthony, an alleged perpetrator, in my opinion. This one, though, points at the victim, a dead teenager.

And to make things worse, you haven’t done sh*t to speak out about the crime either. We couldn’t even get a track or, more importantly, raise awareness about the issues. Nope, all Trayvon was to you was an opportunity to show off how hip you are and cool it is to use a flow that I thought had been killed off a couple of years ago. Since we in the African-American community don’t have a GLAAD or PETA to demand an apology or make you realize how stupid that move was, all I can do is speak out about it.

However, all isn’t lost. In the land of Internets and the ability to shoot out music as soon as its done, I understand how tracks can hit the masses before the artist even gets a chance to absorb his own work. So maybe you didn’t understand the gravity of your wack line. Maybe you made a mistake – as we all do – and are man enough to acknowledge it.

Basically, you’re way better than this. And way too talented for this kind of low blow. This hasn’t been an open bashing session from an angry writer. It’s a suggestion from a loyal fan. Do better, man. I know you can.

David D.

Childish Gambino – “Eat Your Vegetables”

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