Chip Tha Ripper – “Low Key”

11.16.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

For all the entertainers who get their shine from acting an ass, it’s refreshing to see Chip Tha Ripper in demand for staying “Low Key.” Playing up his relaxed demeanor over the rising Rami Beatz backdrop, the Cleveland greens-keeper takes listeners for a ride around his old stomping grounds, reminding folks ain’t nothing changed but the sneakers on his feet. However, the P.O.C. member also reiterates he isn’t afraid to call up the goons if you act out of pocket, either.

So, fans, rock the track, but don’t you dare take this man’s coolness for weakness.

Chip Tha Ripper – “Low Key” (Prod. By Rami Beatz)

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