Classified – “That Ain’t Classy”

02.18.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

My man Classified must be a mind-reader. Last week, the Maple Leaf MC popped up on my iPod, leaving me wondering why it had been more than few months in between drops for this double-dope rapper/producer. Within a day, my call for quality had been answered via a brand-spankin’ new single, “That Ain’t Classy.” Not attached to a certain project as of yet, this smoldering hot hybrid of electo-rock-hop will not only have your speakers slamming, but reinforce your personal pride from a point of view that actually applies to your life and not some skewed millionaire slumming to appease a fan-base.

However, before listening, factor in the fact the term “classy” is completely relative to your level of ignorance. If painting the club with champagne and splurging on side-chicks is what you consider class, you might want to head elsewhere.


Classified – “That Ain’t Classy”

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