Consequence Sends More Shots At Kanye West & G.O.O.D. Music On “Everybody Told Me 2”

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Consequence throws a few more lightweight jabs at Kanye and his former label on “Everybody Told Me 2.” Still not enough heat to impress or smoke Kanye out of his hole and I’m beginning to wonder who the “Everybody” is in the song’s title. I think Cons may need better yes-men to push him over the edge and make this interesting.

For a rapper to make a diss song aimed at another artist he was close to for so many years, I want to hear flames. Give us the vitriol & secrets that could only be found on R. Les’ laptop or something. Right now, he’s striking matches but no fires have been set and we, the rap fans, won’t pay attention if “Everybody” is all we’re getting.

At least, Cons picked a cool beat, Pete & C.L.’s “Straighten It Out.”

Consequence – “Everybody Told Me 2 (Straighten It Out)” (Kanye West Diss)

Yesterday, Cons’ went to WGCI and unloaded all of his current thoughts on ‘Ye, Pusha and Ms. O’Leary’s cow. Mikey transcribed all that shit because there’s no way I would. So thank him for the highlights seen below and the radio audio is available if you want to hear the words straight from the horse’s mouth.

On Pusha:

“[Pusha] lyrically cannot compete and that’s the reason for the extra smoke & mirrors and the attempt at discrediting, Cons told WGCI. “You guys have a song in rotation that disproves everything he says. He said “Yo there’s nobody checking for me. I’ma tell you who’s checking for me Chicago, Beyonce’s checking for me.”

On Beyonce (*scratches head*):

“You know to know why Beyonce’s checking for me? If you have the full album and you listen to song 5, it’s a record called “Party.” I’m performing the chorus on “Party,” and I also had a hand in co-producing “Party,” so I want Chicago to understand clearly, if you’re saying Beyonce Knowles Carter is a nobody then you’re disrespectful and you’re misinformed, and you’re disrespecting her fans by questioning her taste level.”

On himself:

“As it stands right now I’m the most talked about commodity in hip-hop and I’m a go out and say it I’m probably the best pure lyricist in hip-hop and in music right now. And among the elite song writers in the game. Let’s be crystal clear about it. And I’m going to prove this by releasing the biggest blockbuster of the summer in the form of Movies on Demand 3.”

On Jay-Z being the only person possibly capable of ending all of the bickering:

Let me tell you why Kanye West has never said anything to [Pusha] regarding our situation… because he’s a worker. He was jet fuel for Pharrell Williams and he’ll be jet fuel for Kanye West. He’s a live body. I said in “Plagurists’s Society” you ain’t nothing but a body shield, you’re jet fuel.”

“He’s a only child who has a few brothers. One of his brothers is GLC, another one is Really Doe, another one is Rhymefest and another one is Consequence. And I’m a be real. I’m the brother who’s not gonna stand back and watch him do what he’s doing and be up to not good and not say anything.”

“This quote, unquote “campaign of terror” is going to continue until Jay-Z intervenes. When Jay-Z and Consequence have a gentlemen conversation this may come to an end.

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