Cults Feat. Freddie Gibbs – “Bad Things (Remix)”

11.17.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

I’ve got a good friend whose musical palette fancies electronic music, but is still overall one of the most eclectic of anyone I know. The other day, said fellow asked me how Cold Day In Hell was. Since you already know my response, I’ll stick to the part where he began saying how, despite all the good things he’d heard about Freddie’s music, he never really got into Gibbs’ last effort, Str8 Killa. To put it bluntly, he said it was “too hood.” What he found odd was that despite that tape’s penchant for the ski-mask way, most of the people steering him towards the Gary gangsta’s music were “white, bearded hipsters.”

Well, that’s because Freddie Gibbs makes tracks like this.

Musically, this drum-heavy G-Mix to the Cults’ “Bad Things” is about as different of a track as, let’s say “In My Hood” or “Face Down,” gets. Lyrically, not so much, though. While the beat behind this version of the couple’s first single has more chord power and way less machismo than Fred’s occasional go-to’s, the details amidst his perfectly-dictated, flashback storytelling root his tunes into any beat, period. Beyond any production, that unrelatable, but completely believable imagery is why Gibbs is Gibbs. It’s also why odd demographics latch on. Because, beyond his being, they can literally see the vision in his music.

Oh, and if the rest of the Cults’ re-imagined, self-titled debut album with a rap twist is this good, you’ll definitely be seeing more of the New York duo around these parts.

Hypetrak Premiere: Cults featuring Freddie Gibbs – Bad Things (Remix) by Hypetrak

Credit: Hypetrak

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