Deniro Farrar – “Reasons” Video x DESTINY.altered Mixtape

02.12.12 6 years ago

“Can we change our destiny, or will our destiny change us”

Straight up, some pretty monumental events must go down to have your DESTINY.altered. Yet, somewhere along the way, two-time felon Deniro Farrar experienced a moment that changed the course of his life, for better and not worse. After spending his adolescence with a one-track mind and ending up one strike away from a lifetime of incarceration as a result, the Charlotte NC up & comer finally took the high road and decided to pen his latest mixtape, which is an coin flip of emotions, depending on which song you start from.

Putting both optimistic and pessimistic points of view on display, the somber MC uses each song as his own personal therapy session, openly asking if he’s made the right decisions or if the consequential pitfalls will be his demise. It’s a story that seems all too familiar in hip-hop’s current landscape, but after watching this haunting visual for the tape’s latest single, “Choices,” Farrar’s wax poetics are geared more towards self-retribution than fiscal gain.

Considering his heart seems to be in the right place and the music is up to par, we’re hoping Deniro really has turned a corner and encourage you to support the brother’s strife with a download of his blood, sweat and personal fears below. Hell, the truth may even set you free.

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