Diggy Simmons Failed His Arts & Crafts Classes

06.02.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

No one wants to see Diggy fail.

He’s the kid whose bloodline gives him automatic clearance into whatever avenue he would eventually decide to venture into. Since his face was recognizable well before his cornoration, his reserved spot doesn’t rub anyone the wrong way.

No one wants to see Diggy coast, either.

After his DJ Premier-endorsed mixtape gained little traction outside of the name recognition and fans didn’t call for his early retirement, it should be assumed good music is the best–if not only–remedy in his situation. I don’t know which starched-suit cornball at his label thought it would be a good idea to “copy and paste” the 2011 Get On Radio Press Kit onto Young Simmons’ résumé, but the results are nothing less than mundane. The ingredients include:

1. Soulja Boy’s “Pretty Boy Swag.”

2. Donnis’ “Gone.”

3. Big Sean’s flow.

4. Travis Porter’s infamous chorus.

5. Possibly another Lupe track ganked from underneath his clutches?

Talk about going through the motions. Sure, he’ll be his generation’s LL–by default. He’ll sell roughly 250K albums, go on to host some urban reality show contest and get cast in the teenager’s back-to-school movie of the year. But although multi-platinum may be a scarce concept today, becoming a music megastar is not.

The time is now and this song is sounding like yesterday.

Diggy Simmons – “Copy, Paste” (Prod. By Andrew “Pop” Wansel & Oak)

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