DJ Drama Feat. J.Cole & Chris Brown – “Undercover”

10.07.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

After Christopher’s supposed past history with Hov, is anyone else surprised the Roc Nation CEO let this collaboration with his rightful heir materialize? Considering how hands off he’s been in orchestrating every other facet of Young Cole’s career, I guess not. Either way, the bouncy “Undercover” has been one the more anticipated cuts from DJ Drama’s upcoming Third Power compilation and now NahRight delivers the full song to see if the hype is real.

Well, despite how well Simba fares on almost every other track, it’s almost unbelievable that bars from the typically-R&B Breezy are more entertaining than Jermaine’s. Even after having the best week ever, Mr. Sideline Story lives up to the boring bill he’s been giving by naysayers, while Brown brings out his flip-flop-flow to keep the game’s hottest newcomer on his toes.

In other news, icicles are forming on Hell’s ceiling.

DJ Drama Feat. J.Cole & Chris Brown – “Undercover”

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