DJ Khaled Feat. Scarface, Nas & DJ Premier – “Hip Hop” (Prod. By Justice League)

08.09.12 5 years ago 45 Comments

Scarface and Nas, in many circles, are considered the greatest to ever do this thing we call Hip Hop. And the Mouth of the South, DJ Khaled, managed to get them both on the same track blessed with production from Justice League and scratches by the equally legendary DJ Premier. Forget whatever grudge you may hold against Khaled for a moment, that’s impressive on any level.

Uncle Face and Nasir paint a graphic picture of the lady who exported them out the hood, put money in their pockets, spawned them into living legends and, in turn, afforded them both an unmeasurable amount of stress. Not Kelis or Face’s baby mother, but instead, “Hip-Hop.” Hearing the two wax poetics and vent frustrations in such a raw manner is a gift, and a reminder of why we’re all fans of this music in the first place.

This meeting of the lyrical minds won’t give Khaled a future #1 record. And that, more than anything else, remains the underlying reason “Hip Hop” is such a breath of fresh air from rap’s most boisterous DJ. It’s not his usual microwave cooked collaboration with the usual suspects, which admittedly produce frequent massive success. Rather, Khaled himself said it best.

“This shit is special.” In-f*cking-deed.

DJ Khaled Feat. Scarface, Nas & DJ Premier – “Hip Hop” (Prod. By Justice League)


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