Fashawn – “Big Dreams” Video (Prod. By J. Cole)

The theme of ‘dreams’ or ‘dreaming’ in rap right now is about as played out as my Beta copy of Ghostbusters back in 1988. It’s the poor-man’s “swag.” And, while I happen to believe in Fashawn as an artist, this video for his song “Big Dreams” looks like it was filmed around that time, as well. With the vinyl-static practically built into the Fresno kid’s high-pitched delivery and vocational flow, though, I guess a hint of nostalgia is part of dude’s persona. I digress.

Still, if it hadn’t been for the Cole World production I wouldn’t have even checked for this because of how unoriginal the name was. But, I can be a picky bastard, too. So, press play and formulate your own damn opinion.

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