MadGibbs (Freddie Gibbs & Madlib) Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid – “Shame”

06.22.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

If you were unconvinced by Tins’ purported mind control over Freddie Gibbs, doubt no more. Just as it was starting to seem a little quiet on Gibbs’ musical front, he smashes through the door with producer extraordinaire Madlib in tow, armed with the second round of work from their MadGibbs pairing.

Their new Shame EP is another collection of instrumentals, acapellas, and full-fledged songs, highlighted by an absolute heatrock of a title track. Incorporating a sample from The Manhattans’ 1973 single “Wish That You Were Mine,” “Shame” is an exquisitely smooth contrast between Madlib’s twinkling soul production and Gibbs’ baritone delivery–further proof that the guy sounds good over just about everything. With BJ The Chicago Kid’s pitch-perfect vocals rounding out the record, I almost feel guilty for not having paid for this yet.

MadGibbs’ Shame EP can be purchased from the Stone Throw store in MP3 download or on vinyl.


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