Gil Scott-Heron And Jamie XX – “I’ll Take Care Of U”

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Give London lad Jamie xx a hand. The twenty-something Englishman has been dropping catchy breadcrumbs on both sides of the pond all leading up to his remixed, Gil Scott-Heron project, We’re New Here. His latest musical morsel, “I’ll Take Care Of U,” from the aforementioned album, sees bass kick and drums clap as Jamie interlopes Scott-Heron’s haunting vocals to perfectly accent the thumping beat. Chiming piano highlights the track’s wistful beginnings before giving way to a glitchy slathering of electronic effects, stoking the anticipatory flames for a February 22 release. Settling for just one listen is doing oneself a disservice as multiple listens within the hour is entirely possible.

To gain more insight into the collaborative effort, Fact Mag and interviewer Martin “Blackdown” Clark caught up with Mr. xx as he detailed the proper utilization of Scott-Heron’s vocals:

“‘Initially I was thinking more about the transition between the tracks,’ says Jamie of his approach to the album. ‘It was when I’d just started to DJ, so it felt like a mixtape but with all my own productions. The end product isn’t like a mixtape because the tempos are all over the place, but I wanted to show how he influenced me by putting some of the older tracks on there, rather than just the brand new music [from I’m New Here]. So we used some unreleased stuff that was recorded in the 1970s.

“‘They sent me that half way through making it because I wanted to use some of his old stuff… you can tell the difference in his voice, it’s changed so much. The older stuff is much more vocal rather than speaking, singing and more melodic I guess. And it was slower in tempo. So I didn’t have a plan for the older and newer stuff, I just wanted the whole album to sound like one piece of music.’ [Fact Mag]

Listen to “I’ll Take Care Of U” below and pre-order a digital copy of We’re New Here by stopping by the project’s official website to score the goods.

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