HavKnott Republik (Scolla & K-Bunz) – “Get Away” x “F#ck Cancer” Mixtape

04.05.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Last night, as the love of my life sat balling into my chest after receiving some devastating news about a family member, all I could do was caress her back. There was wasn’t much talking on my part, because really, nothing I could’ve said would’ve worked. In certain instances, there simply aren’t words to take the pain away. Instead of fumbling out false hope, I just sat quietly and let her have the moment, as I daydreamed about how two lonely souls in need could simply “Get Away.”

While obviously easier said that done, this wishful thinking is also the theme behind the latest song from HavKnott Republic, consisting of Detroit MCs Scolla and K-Bunz. Driven by an equally frustrated sense of reality and a sentimental sax sample, the lead single to ReUpSpot’s F#ck Cancer compilation serves as an immediate refuge to folks who might need to know they’re not alone. However, aside from just having someone by your side, the fact these two can speak first-hand on negative topics from a positive perspective is what really makes the song stand out. Because, the fact of the matter is, everyone has problems – whether they’re mandated by man or created by God, but the true testament lies in how you overcome when the odds are against you.

Since my lady and I find typically our solace from music, hearing OG Scolla and KB kick some refuge was definitely welcomed. And, with the current climate surrounding us with clouds, the rest of this aptly-titled mixtape should help even more. Featuring other acts like Playboy Tre, Dee Goodz & P. Dukes, the F#ck Cancer project aims to raise awareness about the life-draining disease amongst the hip-hop community and should serve as a much-needed shoulder to anyone in need.

Also, if you want to donate to the cause and Stand Up Against Cancer, any amount helps.

HavKnott Republic – “Get Away” (Prod. by JMoore)

Download — ReUpSpot Presents F#ck Cancer Mixtape

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