Hoodie Allen – “Feel The Love”

08.28.12 5 years ago

Hoodie Allen made his name from sampling indie pop records. Then, when he achieved enough success to fund his own instruments and cut out the middle men (or women) who crafted his samples, the Long Island MC carried his work-flow into original, cross-over singles that have come to define his catalouge. Now, however, Allen’s mantra of reciprocation comes full circle with his new track “Feel The Love,” for two reasons.

First, because the nod-worthy track reworks London group Rudimental’s chart-topping UK hit of the same name, which is a song most folks aren’t familiar with yet in the US and Hoodie’s new-found fame will help expose instantly. The second reason being this slice of honesty is dedicated to his beloved Hoodie Mob, who helped get him to the point where sampling was unnecessary, but will still appreciate the nostalgia behind their favorite rapper’s latest freebie regardless.

And with that, Hoodie’s brand only grows stronger. The fact he now has hoards of fans and can justify releasing free tracks like this and “Hey Now” for the masses whenever he feels like it means we’re about to be seeing a lot more of Mr. Allen. Let’s hope he can maintain the quality.

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