J. Capri Feat. King Mez – “Place In The Game” Video

05.08.11 6 years ago

“One glance and your girl might take a chance, ’cause I’m standing on the green like Bagger Vance…”

Forget the fact J. Capri – another North Carolina MC using the one letter/punctuation mark combo for his moniker – started off his song “Place In The Game” with the words “cold world.” Once you’re past that chance circumstance, you’ll find the amount of ear-appealing lines delivered by this Rodney-Stuckey-lookalike and his MTV-touted homie King Mez throughout their new video seem never-ending, especially over producer Majestic’s sickening, symphony-based sample.

While the entire package obviously isn’t something completely new and original, the overall quality makes it definitely worth the watch.

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