Jamie Foxx’s Still Making Music, Beware Remains Disgusted

05.09.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

Nearly a year has passed since Beware called for Jamie Foxx’s head. While I do not harbor the same amount of vitriol as my TSS brethren, I’m not exactly about to contest a debate either. My memories of Foxx will ultimately result from his acting career, primarily The Jamie Foxx Show, Ray and his I Might Need Security standup. Still, I’ve never bought an album from the guy and probably never will.

That’s not to say he does not release some quality music from time to time. Remember how big “Blame It” was back in 2009? “Sexy” happens to be another. The Internet is not affording me an answer where this track’s final resting place will be, but for now the continuous appealing track will serve fit floating aimlessly around the information superhighway.

Jamie Foxx – “Sexy”

Respect: X

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