Jamie xx – “Far Nearer” x “Beat For”

06.08.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Unfortunately, there won’t be a Jamie/Gil follow-up to this year’s We’re New Here. Heron’s untimely passing ensures that the collaborative effort remained a one-time deal. Still, the London lad is still keeping the Internet aflame with finely finished, bouncing club jams such as his recent drop, “Beat For.” For those familiar with his BBC1 “Colette” mix, “Beat For” takes a section of that mix and grants it a solo, mastered 5:46 run time. The eerie electronic effects shimmy in and out of the song, as Jamie’s trademark bass lurks deep in the song’s heart. Cymbals clap and the two distinct voice samples wave and flutter through the song’s conclusion.

Gil Scott-Heron’s individual work was known for its omnipresent effect over music as a whole. He not only affected numerous Hip-Hop artists but scores of others as well. His younger musical cohort seems to have followed the lead, as “Beat For” and the upcoming Drizzy project ensure that Jamie will be heard all over the sonic spectrum.

As an added listening bonus, Jamie also offers a mastered version of his recent leak “Far Nearer.” The almost seven-minute cut finally guts the noisy British DJ banter.

Jamie xx – “Far Nearer”

Jamie xx – “Beat For”


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