Jon Connor – “Best In The World”

02.06.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Jon Connor’s Season 2 mixtape was definitely one of the best, most snoozed on tapes from last year, but instead of dwelling in the past, the Flint rapper is keeping it moving with his next endeavor, The Blue Album. It’s going to be a project that takes things in a slightly different direction by picking and choosing a few beats from Jay-Z Blueprint trilogy and then doing what he does best – annihilating them.

I expect that most of these beats will never be the same once Connor has his way with them. If you’re reading, Jon, would it be asking for too much by tossing some requests? “Renegade,” “Heart of the City,” “The Watcher 2,” “Blueprint 2,” and “Run This Town” all come to mind. But all kidding aside, the mixtape’s first taste comes in the form of “Best in the World,” which if it’s a reference to how handily Jon Connor can tear a beat to shreds, it might as well be a true statement.

Gentlemen mark your calendars for February 14th. You’ll be able to give yourselves a nice gift for a change.

Jon Connor – “Best In The World”

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