Juse Dayne Composes The Musical Biography Of Michael Vick

09.16.11 6 years ago 29 Comments

Wale’s “The Eyes Of Tiger” stands as one of the more creative tracks from MMG’s D.C. import. Simply narrating Eldrick’s story would’ve been admirable, but Wale’s ability to place himself inside the golf legend’s shoes and lyrically paint the picture of the darkest time of his life was as startling as it was innovative. Which is exactly why Juse Dayne’s The Michael Vick Project has me so intrigued.

Vick’s rise to fame, national disgrace to fame again has been well documented, but over the course of Dayne’s new endeavor, the story is given a musical twist. The first and only tidbit from the athlete’s unofficial biography is “Turmoil.” Said record details the period of Mike’s life when news of the dogfighting ring first made headlines. Drawing inspiration from Biggie’s “Warning,” Juse’s phone conversation is of a quarterback who is witnessing his (first) $100M empire come crumbling down thanks to equal parts his own missteps and loose lips of people close to him. The ironic thing about the project is that I remember exactly where I was when the allegations were initially reported – a barbershop in Hampton, Virginia. What’s crazy was that even then, everyone knew this wouldn’t end pretty for Vick. They told me from jump street the dogs were coming for Mike and people would emerge from the woodwork to snitch on him in order to avoid jail time. And sweet Jesus did they hit the nail on the head.

MVP will be released in its entirety next weekend. In fact, it drops at halftime during Sunday’s primetime game. That game just so happens to be Philly @ Atlanta.

Juse Dayne – “Turmoil”

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