KD’s PSA To All The Misguided Women Of The World

10.07.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

A wise man once told me a good woman is hard to come by and even rarer to keep. And with that said, Alabama’s own KD has a message for any woman out there living their lives based off social media, reality TV, gossip blogs and another man’s bank account with the brutally honest “Louboutins.” Stay the hell away from him. He doesn’t want you, nor does he need you. Produced by B. Kirk, the track is more of a public service announcement more than anything else.

“For the record, fuck NeNe and the rest of them Housewives
Basketball and Hip-Hop, we don’t wanna see y’all lies
Got these gals head gone trying just to imitate
Thinking that they Melanie watching too much of ‘The Game’
Looking for Derwin, but ain’t one of them niggas gay like Lil Wayne
For the right price hoes’ll fuck Gucci Mane
And lick the ice cream off his face, bitch you ain’t Beyonce
Watch how quick you get replaced
Play them games with another nigga…”

That’s what I’m talking about. No country for subliminal disses! Ladies, if you took offense to what he said, chances are you’re the type of chick who he was referring to. Catch KD this weekend at A3C performing Saturday at the Perfect Attendance stage. Maybe he’ll perform this.

KD – “Louboutins” (Prod. By B. Kirk)

Respect: DGB

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