Klub Monsta – “Waiting”

01.27.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

The basic premise behind the “law of assumptions” states that doing so makes a proverbial “ass” out of two people, “u” and “me.” My grandmother, and then later my fraternity, drilled that logic into my head. Seeing as how we’re all human and sometimes it is a natural instinct to judge a book by its cover, I had to condition myself otherwise before listening to Klub Monsta.

Off top, the name likely conjures images of your generic rap ensemble boasting about a never ending supply of bottles at their disposal, women flaunting and everything in between. That’s not to say they don’t partake in or rhyme about said activities, but their music was proved to be an oxymoron from their name. And that’s a good thing. Kellz, J. Dotta and Air Talley are the Birmingham, Alabama, trio who released their Southern Theory mixtape late last year.

“Waiting” harbors an inspirational and almost choir-like feel. The instrumental, produced by a fellow named John, is an out of body experience and one you will find yourself zoning out to over repeated listens. The lyrics toast to the future, appreciate the present and represent their willingness to build upon their respective pasts – something I believe we can all appreciate in some shape, form or fashion.


Klub Monsta – “Waiting” (Prod. By John)

This is only one piece to what is Klub’s ultimate pie. The Theory in its entirety is only a click away. You’re manning the ship now.

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