Luck-One – “Breakthrough”

07.15.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

The rocks you have to overturn these days to find a MC who embodies the truest definition will leave you with talc-stained hands and a cluttered hard drive. Luckily for Luck-One, a crafty and enunciated rhyme sage by way of Portland and its surrounding Pacific regions, his grindstone has stayed in use even when the population was oblivious to his efforts.

When one takes in context the lyrical muscle and articulate rhyme patterns flexed on the glass ceiling-smashing “Breakthrough,” as well the prior released joints streaming on his site, one can only speculate how good his luck may have been if his birthright would have landed him in a bigger market. Student at Ski’s dojo? Sure. Def Jam signee? Why not? Yet, instead of playing the odds in typical territory, Luck-One is planting the flag in his own backyard as he preps the release of his new tape titled King Of The North West.

An audacious claim but indicators are hinting that crown could be his.

Luck-One – “Breakthrough”

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