Mac Miller – “Donald Trump”

02.11.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Mac Miller is just a mothereffing K.I.D. but he loves the finer things in life. So when you find the carefree lyricist ridiculously flowing his ass off, detailing his hunger for power in honor of Thee Donald, you know it’s just another 24 hours in the life, which happens to be the Best Day Ever.

It’s a contagious occurrence. K.I.D.S across the globe have been enjoying unexpected fortunes as soon as they roll out of bed. Now the Mac has his turn to live it up from dawn to dusk and his embarks on the mission he chose to accept.


Mac Miller – “Donald Trump” (Prod. By Sap)

Bonus: It’s happening already! March 11th, 2011. Best. Day. Ever.

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