Mack Maine Feat. Lil Wayne & Talib Kweli – “Celebrate”

04.26.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

It’s not often you hear Wayne making positive music. Actually, let’s rephrase that; it’s not often you hear Wayne making positive music regular folk can actually relate to. Yet, that’s exactly what we get from YMCMB’s bossman on his homie Mack Maine’s appropriately-titled “Celebrate,” which also features Talib Kweli. Rocking out amidst a flurry of triumphant brass and speaking on sunshine, the smell of fresh mornings and lifting friends up when they’re in need, the song finds Weezy straying away from typical diamond-encrusted, metaphorical arrogance altogether. And, unfortunately, that’s why it doesn’t work.

When you’re accustomed to being flooded with verses full of quippy punchlines from Baby’s son for so long, anything else sounds out of place. That’s why his rock albums don’t work. That’s why this lyrical pat on the back makes you wince, especially next to meaningful verses from Talib and Double-M. For better or worse, Wayne’s backed himself into a corner – a very profitable one, at that – and anything above or beyond just seems forced.

Sorry Tunechi, we appreciate the effort but, if you really want us to celebrate, you’ll bring back the mixtape version of yourself and get back to the regularly scheduled program.

Mack Maine Feat. Lil Wayne & Talib Kweli – “Celebrate”

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