Madonna – “Give Me All Your Love”

11.09.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Forty-eight hours. Yes, that’s the time frame we’re going to assume it’ll take Madonna to have the entire country humming her new single, “Give Me All Your Love.” After springing a leak yesterday and becoming an immediate Trending Topic on Twitter, the Material Girl’s first new song in years has the ‘Net in a frenzy.

While her last album, Hard Candy, yielded moderate chart success and produced contemporary-yet-forced lead singles, “Give Me All Your Love” is a dumbed-down, yet completely irresistible jam that is catered to win. Instead of calling up Timbaland again or going extra-electronic, this dance-ready track is carried by all sorts of poppy guitars, marching band drums and a “Hey Mickey, You’re So Fine” bridge that will make you break out the knee-high socks. And, because she didn’t want to leave out all the cool kids, there’s even some dubstep elements towards the end.

So, while this exactly new music from The Roots or another hilarious Webbie interview, hearing a pop icon regaining her footing sure sounds good.


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