Maino Feat. Robbie Nova – “That Could Be Us”

10.19.11 6 years ago

It was only a matter of time before Maino’s record label, Millennium Records, poisoned his mind into doing something like this. The convo probably went something like, “You struck platinum by being hardcore and street. Imagine what you could do if you really crossed over!” And then the walls bled, the sky turned black as sackcloth and “That Could Be Us” was born.

It’s not about the angle or blatant commercial reach (although that single cover is fairly Drake-ish). This song just flat out sucks. It’s wack. It’s a poor man’s, commanded by a rich man’s “21 Questions.” Swizz and Alicia!?? Barack and Michelle??! Maino used to write crap like this for Lil Kim and now he’s the one hustling it.

But. The other part of the conversation probably went something like “it’s mostly the women buying the music.” Which is fairly accurate. If it remotely sounds like a party, chances are they’ll sing along to it on the radio. So ladies, if I or this song haven’t insulted your intelligence, click over to iTunes and purchase Maino’s new jingle. The Day After Tomorrow will be in stores November 22nd.

Download — Maino Feat. Robbie Nova – “That Could Be Us” (Prod. By Chris Styles)

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