Mann Feat. T-Pain – “Get It Girl”

07.25.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

Can someone please tell me who the hell Mann is? Actually, based off the little I’ve heard, seen and his ultra-generic moniker, the LA MC may just be a robot. After kicking it in left field for a minute, this guy came out the gate on a repackaged version of Nipsey Hussle’s Mark-Morrison-cover some months ago, which has gained traction and apparently earned him an even grander second single. Now, instead of swiping Neighborhood Nip’s single, the pre-packaged intermediary swiped Axel Foley’s.

Backed by JR Rotem’s updated rendition of the always-excellent Beverly Hill Cop Theme and an extra-playful T-Pain, this extremely unoriginal studio plug-in rapper lucks out with yet another probable hit. Credit is due for his relationship cultivation skills, but the buck stops there, as Rotem and Tomagotchi Pain should get all credit for any success this track sees.

Whether you hate this song for the principle or dig it just because you support Eddie Murphy, be aware that creativity has gone completely out the window.

Mann Feat. T-Pain – “Get It Girl” (Prod. By JR Rotem)

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