Mayer Hawthorne – “A Long Time”

05.25.11 7 years ago 6 Comments

Here in my Metro Detroit area, everyone has their own nonadjacent time frame for when they’d like to see the Motor City revitalized. While progress is happening around town ascetically, the framework of the extremely spread out city is far removed from the booming days of the Motown Sound. Mayer Hawthorne’s take on the turnaround can be found on his new single, “A Long Time.” Aware with insight, the MI-made musician uses his voice, along with the storied plights of two of our area’s renaissance men (Henry Ford and Berry Gordy, respectively), to show restless residents that progress takes patience and history can repeat itself.

Shoot, Mayer himself is a perfect example of how time and hard work pay off. After residing as an under-appreciated, hip-hop jack-of-all-trades for years, the artist formally known as Haircut redesigned his gimmick, and now has inked a major record deal with Universal Republic. His real deal debut, How Do You Do, is slated for November. Hopefully the good news will buy The D some time, while it gets its act together.

Mayer Hawthorne – “A Long Time”

Buy “A Long Time” now on iTunes. Also, check out Mayer’s free Impressions: The Covers EP, which only dropped a week ago.


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