Mayer Hawthorne – “The Walk” x The Do-Over Mix

09.06.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

Ah, Mayer Hawthorne. The man makes musical equivalent to a nice afternoon stroll in the park, or a ride down the coast of your preference with the soft-top down and the sun beaming off the Cadillac crown on your hood. Somehow, no matter the topic he chooses – upbeat or in despair – the driving melody omitted from his tracks typically induce a smile. On “The Walk,” which is the second single of How Do You Do, the positive vibes begin as soon as the needle drops and the blame begins. Even though the Ann Arbor artist finds himself torn between headaches or heartbreak, both bad outcomes, the high-key bass-line and hip-shaking tempo somehow make Mayer’s well-delivered wavering merely a component to the happy-go-lucky beat, which overpowers any negatively in a twenty-mile radius.

“The Walk” is available for listening here on Mayer’s official site and then you can purchase via iTunes.

By the way, Hawthorne has also unveiled the cover art to his long-anticipated big-time debut, which is due out October 11 and will be the perfect compliment to the always festive Fall season. And to round things out, Mr. Hawthorne’s original, now alter ego DJ Haircut played LA’s famed Do-Over last night and has upped the mix for those of us not in attendance. It’s full-on disco boogie so prepare to bounce and shake.

DownloadMayer Hawthorne – The Do-Over DJ Mix | Alt. Link

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