Mikkey Halsted Feat. Lupe Fiasco – “Gone”

04.05.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Chicago’s reputation as a war zone paints the city with tears, blood and hopelessness to those in and outside city limits. The easy way out leads “entertainers” to endear themselves to the city’s ills. Mikkey Halsted and Lupe Fiasco take the road less traveled and uncover the consequences of senseless gun violence on “Gone.” Mikkey leads and deftly carries the record with tales of young lives cut short. Then Lupe’s anchoring verse finds him as a paramedic desperately trying to save a victim from becoming a statistic. There will be no Lupester jokes here folks. You’ll hear signs of the Food & Liquor and The Cool here lyrically and the song’s better for it.

Rappers, on another note, have been riding the social commentary wave as soon Trayvon’s demise made headlines. It’s a change from the usual party & bullshit. Yet these movements, much like activism from the streets to social networks, have a habit of subsiding when justice is served, denied or the story trails from public consciousness. I’ll enjoy solid efforts like this when they come and I’m sure the artists involved had the best intentions in mind. Time will still tell if, on a greater scale, like-minded attempts manifest into an actual shift in rap music or reserve themselves to flavor of the month status.

Mikkey Halsted Feat. Lupe Fiasco & Jim Lavinge – “Gone” (Prod. By D.A. Doman)

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