Nas – “Another Black Girl Lost”

04.16.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

Hip-Hop doesn’t appreciate part twos, so when Nas decided to remake his classic 1996 cut from It Was Written, “Black Girl Lost,” he was fighting an uphill battle before the first ear gave it a listen. With a tempo more upbeat than its predecessor, the immediate reaction is the record’s lackluster and largely a let down for a song which had so much potential off title alone. Well, it’s not the 9-6 version, that’s for damn sure. And it will not find its way into my top 10 tracks from Nasir.

Yet, here’s where I give Sincere some credit. The message should not be downplayed. Even with all the nonsense buddy has gone through over the years with women – specifically “Black girls” – he can still cut through the bullsh*t. That said, know these two tidbits.

1. I don’t follow his daughter, Destiny, on Twitter. And truthfully, I forgot she was even on there until this song reminded me. However, she should listen to “Black Girl Lost” every morning while brushing her teeth. Let my 17-year-old daughter get on the Internet bragging about the dude she f*cked last night. Jesus, be a leather belt.

2. Pending you hate this song with every fiber of your being, reports says this will not appear on Life Is Good.

Nas – “Another Black Girl Lost” (Prod. By Hit-Boy)


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