Ne-Yo – “Lazy Love”

05.15.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

The frantic intro to Ne-Yo’s single “Lazy Love” is reminiscent of a hair metal song; heavy & intense. But, just when you think the track is headed through the roof, the somber keys kick in and the beat breaks down into the mid-tempo, padded comfort of a normal, above-average R&B joint from the Omaha pop singer. Which is fitting, considering that cliff-like progression is a lot like most relationships. Keep in mind though, there’s definitely a difference between getting complacent and having a female who’s company you enjoy so much you simply don’t want to leave her side. That comfort love is the kind Ne-Yo claims to have here, which could be detrimental if she becomes too good to the suave hitmaker.

After all, ulterior motives tend to unravel when the money train stops. So, Ne-Yo better hit it, then bounce to that damn studio and tie up the the rest of his upcoming R.E.D. album if he wants to keep her around.

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