Nicki Minaj – “Starships”

02.14.12 6 years ago 24 Comments

Nicki Minaj doesn’t have a clue who she wants to be and that is no more evident than now. Two nights ago, she unleashed a new single during an on-stage exorcism and simultaneously delivered damn near the worst live performance in television history. Now, her PR people have realized the error in her ways and have debuted a completely opposite radio record altogether, in the form of “Starships.” Talk about a cop out.

First of all, the song is a hit. That’s undeniable. However, the problem is the track basically pillages about four other radio success stories from 2011 to achieve its adhesion. The guitar licks have the “Moves Like Jagger.” The bridge, around the 50 second mark, might as well be identical Britney’s bellowing on “Until The World Ends.” And, there’s even the pitch-adjusted, cascading “High” transition from Big Sean’s song with Wiz & Chiddy Bang. Oh, if you didn’t realize by now, the song is produced by Lady GaGa’s go-to producer, RedOne. Of course it is.

Essentially, Young Money’s favorite lipstick-eater will do whatever it takes to inflate her ego. She obviously has no problem holding hostage the biggest public stage music can offer with offensive garbage, specifically to show up others and get the people talking. Then, 48 hours later, she pretends like that never happened and becomes cute, Mrs. “Superbass” again, dropping this bubblegum mishmash to steal the ears of all the same people who she didn’t mind seeing run away in terror during the Grammys. Nicki has turned her back on artistic integrity to achieve a superstar status she already has. And, as a fan of Hip-Hop, it pisses me off that such a talented rapper can take both their fans and genre for granted, just for additional and unnecessary personal attention.

Hopefully, her staunch supporters see through the schtick and don’t buy into this record like they typically would. It’s not about music for her anymore. It’s all about Nicki and no one else, which sucks when Lady Nicki Manson doesn’t even know who she is herself.

Nicki Minaj – “Starships” (Prod. By RedOne)

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