Obie Trice Feat. Game – “Growing Up In The Hood”

01.12.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Those who’ve been patrolling the web for years probably downloaded “Growing Up In The Hood” some six or seven years ago. According to VIBE, Obie’s collaboration with Jayceon is slated to be featured on Bottoms Up, which is set to crash land February 28. Prior to writing this post, the last time I even thought about this song was a good three or four years ago, but what I distinctly remember is Game ripping this track to shreds. With the company of a grizzly and cold instrumental, both MC’s recollect on their times growing up in two of America’s roughest cities – Compton and Detroit. And while they shed light on the negative traits of it, there’s a sense of pride in knowing it made them the men they eventually spawned into.

Yep, I was right. Game wrecked this.

Obie Trice Feat. Game – “Growing Up In The Hood”

H/T: VIBE via 2DB

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