Oddisee – “Slow It Down”

03.19.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Oddisee does a lot with a little, from his modest studio setup to his plain-spoken style of rapping. “Slow It Down” sees the producer-emcee running through his thoughts, ruminating on life over a smooth, stripped-down blend of strings, guitar and thumping drums. There’s no flash here, no larger-than-life posturing, just a bit of reflection from a man making his way through the world. Your milage may vary, but for me, the song hits home. The rhymes are dope, never crazy but consistently compelling, and the hypnotic, soulful hook will be kicking around my brain for a while to come. In today’s mile-a-minute world, we could all use a chance to slow things down.

“Slow It Down” is off Mello Music Group’s upcoming Self Sacrifice release, a label compilation that’ll feature a whole host of original tracks and available for pre-order now. Keep an eye out for a new solo album from Oddisee as well, hopefully on its way sometime early this summer.

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