Outasight – “Losing My Mind”

01.11.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

Crazy insane or insane crazy? Whatever the case, Outasight has surrendered all his marbles, scruples and common sense to a 6th Sense track. Blythe with touches of jazz, harmony, Hip-Hop and the supertalent’s own patented saccharine style of vocalization, the audio poetry epitomizes the sound the coolest crooner out uses to wins fans over every day.

Clearly he’s losing his mind as well as being in a lane of his own. And he may even knocking some of your favorites out the box at the same time.


Outasight – “Losing My Mind” (Prod. By 6th Sense)

The track is available for free download via OU’s Bandcamp and if you’re in the NYC area, he will be at Piano’s every Tuesday for the month of January—starting TODAY.

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