Outasight – “Tonight Is The Night” x “Loosen Up”

09.21.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

If you’re a loyal fan of Outasight, the ambidextrous artisan from Yonkers, you probably received an e-mail last night touting his brand new single, “Tonight Is The Night.” Great news, right? Well, if you’re like me, that initial thought was upgraded upon pressing play on this Gigamesh-helmed tale of coming out of your shell. Especially after OU’s following input set the tone for the party.

The track was recorded a few months back in LA with Cook Classics and Gigamesh. I’m really proud of this one and I hope it becomes that track that you just can’t stop listening to. Starting tomorrow night you can hear “Tonight Is The Night” in a commercial during X-Factor played behind some absolutely classic footage.

This is what we’ve been waiting for and I need your help to take it all the way! Tweet it, Facebook it, share it, tell your friends, call your radio station, play it at your parties, learn the words, post cover videos on YouTube, help get it out there. Good looks!

In my book, that is indeed huge news. And, since said song is straight bananas, all I want to do is share, spread and Tweet the hell out of it, anyways. But, say I don’t have TSS as a forum. Say I’m just an average Joe who likes uptempo dance ditties and wants to hand the song along to some pals. Well…how the hell am I supposed to do that without a damn download link? I understand not wanting give up the goods all at once, but when you’re trying to capitalize on both a situation as big as the X-Factor debut and a track this scintillating, wouldn’t you want it assessable other places than YouTube? Last time I checked, most computer speakers suck ass and people will just rip a bad quality version of the video, regardless. So, like Snickers says, why wait?

Or, maybe I just need to do as Outasight’s other recently released track suggests and “Loosen Up,” which is available for download and has already been blasted out of my car speakers once this morning.

DownloadOutasight – “Loosen Up”

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