Maurice Garland Gets Kidnapped And Finds Good Music

04.13.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Until proven otherwise, I’m continuing to believe Maurice Garland is the most influential man in the Atlanta music scene. While “most influential” may be pushing it, the fact that he is highly respected by artists in that community (and outside of Atlanta’s stranglehold) is beyond evident. It’s why stories such as Mo’s run-in with P.K. (formerly known as Pretty Ken) is so damn intriguing. Artists seem to genuinely like to be around the guy, which make the world of difference for the viewer.

Well, P.K. (formerly known as Pretty Ken) kidnapped me the other day and forced me to listen to some of his new music. He’d been hunting me down for a while and he finally caught me. We rode all around Atlanta, stopped by Rico Wade house in Ellenwood and then rode around more that night. All to P.K.’s soundtrack. I don’t know how I made it.

But no, seriously, P.K. is one of the most entertaining cats I’ve ever met. Some of you may recognize his name from his Attic Crew days (Youngbloodz, Jim Crow, Playboy Tre). He produced on a lot of the tracks that the crew put out collectively including YBZ’s “85?. Or… may recognize him from the time we had him and Killer Mike on Come Up Kids Radio and he got in an argument with damn near everybody on the show and the listeners. Fun times indeed! []

Ken went on to let M.G. hear his first release, “What Up.” Deep-fried in southern studio cooking, the end result is a – as Maurice would say – “jammin'” creation featuring ATLiens Bobby Creekwater and Killer Mike. I’m feeling what I hear so far, but fully expect to gain a new appreciation for the song once it is unleashed in the car. Everything about the record leads me to believe it qualifies as “riding music” and this looks to be the calm before the flood of new P.K. music coming in due time. In fact, buddy will be performing this Saturday (April 16) at Vinyl in Atlanta alongside Blackowned C-Bone.


P.K. Feat. Bobby Creekwater & Killer Mike – “What Up” (Prod. By D. Focis)

Also, what a busy guy this Garland fellow is. Grand Hustle’s own Jason Geter sat down to discuss his Striver’s Row clothing line, separate of he and T.I.’s AKOO brand. J.G. reveals the inspiration behind the line and why he feels S.R. is not your fly-by-night “urban” line we see so often.

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