Pill – “Camera Bounce”

04.04.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Without spending time reveling in the project he dropped earlier this year, Pill’s keeping it moving and getting ready to drop his next project, Over The Counter Drugs. And accordingly, “Camera Bounce” is the first leak dropped to build momentum. Immediately, the first thing that stands out about the record is that it’s only 2:27 with just a single verse. And guess what? That’s excellent.

More time talking equals more time to f*ck up (just ask Newt Gingrich). The shorter the song, the more the fans are left thirsting for more, and the better P-I-Double-L looks for spitting one big jaw-dropping verse. He’s got the formula locked.

Expect the Medicine Man’s Over The Counter Drugs to arrive at a pharmacy near you very soon.

Pill – “Camera Bounce”

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