Rah Digga – “The N*gga In Me” (Fat Trel, Tyler The Creator Diss)

04.07.12 6 years ago 37 Comments

When I saw “Rah Digga disses Fat Trel and Tyler the Creator” in the subject heading of an email, I fully expected something about least likely hypothetical songs, or some sort of late April Fool’s Day joke to be in the body. What I found was a real track that happened to be surprisingly decent and devoid of the bitterness that usually permeates disses from older veterans to younger upstarts.

Not as enamored as the whole world seems to be with Tyler’s impish charm (he thought it pretty funny to wish the female emcee Happy Father’s Day on Twitter multiple times, for example), Dirty Harriet took the “stern talking to” approach when addressing the Odd Future rapper/producer. As a member of The Outsidaz, it wouldn’t surprise me if Digga saw a bit of her old crew’s DNA in Tyler’s and sounds more disappointed than angry with lines like “I was trying to support this young black man / It’s too bad, you probably lost your only black fan.” She’s much less diplomatic with Trel, who ends upon the business end of lines like “Fat Trel can kiss my global rap ass/He barely out of D.C./Tried to look ’em up, he ain’t even got a Wiki.”

Even though she doesn’t have any new releases on coming out any time soon, I’ve seen multiple folks on Twitter and various comments sections throughout the ‘net say that Rah Digga is being opportunistic by crafting “The Nigga In Me.” Even if that were true, I say…so? The fact remains that both artists said her name (and another artist she holds in high regard, MC Lyte’s) in a way that she found disrespectful. Digga is well within her rights to respond in kind. The former Flipmode first lady is from a not so distant era in the past that those types of statements from other artists aren’t taken lightly. Trel and Tyler are big boys and can take this little rap on the knuckles. This is still Hip-Hop, isn’t it?

Rah Digga – “The Nigga In Me” (Fat Trel & Tyler, the Creator Diss)

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