Loosies: King Mez Describes His “Reign,” Ras Kass On The “Ozone,” Jon Connor & Scotty

11.22.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

King Mez is a beneficent ruler, as evidenced by the jewels he drops while talkin’ recording and Jordans on the self-produced track “Reign.” His name may not get mentioned as much as other artists but Mez should be considered when they talk that Freshmen ’12 talk, at least before one of those crummy Young Money artists gets their name tossed on the list.

King Mez – “Reign” (Prod. By King Mez)

And we could probably say the same thing for Jon Connor, except we’d have to double the amount of praise because not only does he have a certain flair on the mic but the Flint representative has one of the best stage shows around, hands down. Top off with the fact that the guy is second only to Spitta in terms of output and work ethic. “No Thrillz” is the first leak off Vinnie Chase: Season 2, set to drop on December 12th.

Jon Connor – “No Thrillz” (Prod. By Optiks)

If Scotty’s Summer Dreams mixtape didn’t grab your attention when it dropped, maybe “Set It Straight” will help correct that. Even though it didn’t make the cut for the project, “Set It…” is still a tough track featuring a mean guest spot from Birmingham’s KD, dope as usual Burn One production and a sample on the hook from the great Pimp C. Props to DGB.

Scotty Feat. KD – “Set It Straight” (Prod. By DJ Burn One)

“Pollute the airwaves with all these wack songs on, Gassed up aggins puttin holes in the ozone”

Ras Kass talks shit about shitty music that’s putting “Holes In The Ozone,” a record from his upcoming album F.I.L.A. (F*ck It Loseit All), on track for a spring 2012 release.

Ras Kass – “Holes In The Ozone” (Prod. By Doc Hollywood)

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