Richie Rich Feat. Devin The Dude – “Blow Mine”

08.19.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

So what if Richie Rich is old enough to be your pops? This West Coast OG has been a part of enough classic Cali tracks to maintain sufficient momentum outside of music to be able to return to rap whenever he pleases. He returned from an eight year hiatus with his Town Bidness release last year and now comes back with the sequel, which features the illicit “Blow Mine.” Sounding smooth as ever over a jazzy, low-key instrumental, Rich kicks rhymes alongside Devin The Dude about their high life and specific personal preferences.

While you may be hesitant to think this Bay Area vet is capable of recapturing quality this far removed from his prime, especially while trying to tackle an already overused topic, think again. This hit is just right.

Richie Rich Feat. Devin The Dude & Dyson – “Blow Mine”

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