Rio – “Sex And Sativa”

05.15.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

During an interview with Funkmaster Flex a few months ago, the ever quotable 50 Cent noted that he perceived something of a hippie streak running through urban music (pointing to the mainstream success of artists like Wiz Khalifa and songs such as Frank Ocean’s “Novacane”). Certainly, drugs both recreational and otherwise seem to be pervading Hip-Hop music now more than in recent years, and the trend has even seeped into contemporary R&B, a zone not typically associated with daring content.

Add Nashville R&B singer/producer Rio to the list of artists that are getting high on more than just life. His new track, “Sex And Sativa,” the first offering from his forthcoming Good Morning Dreamer project, boasts a titular combo that probably sounds mighty appealing to many. For Rio, it’s a potentially dicey 1-2 punch, mostly because they’re wrapped together with the untrustworthy object of his lust and affection. But if you’re judging strictly by the music – pressure cooker bass and traces of dance music abound – “Sex And Sativa” might convince you that a lying girlfriend isn’t anything to worry about, not when the highs are this good.

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