Roc Marciano – “Poltergeist”

“I persuade in suede, talk slick in silk, Seduce the kitten with the milk, without guilt”

The way Roc Marci strings together bars is unbelievable. Zoom in on the high-definition rhymes recited amidst the Long Island MC’s new “Poltergeist” record and you’ll hear a Hip-Hop architect, building songs with seamless street details and unwavering attention to detail. From a listeners stand-point, it’s almost like remembering a dream, because Roc’s thoughts are somewhat random, but about as vivid as you can possibly get. With the track basically breathing down your neck, we’re just lucky the title didn’t serve as the theme, otherwise we probably would’ve been calling Nikki’s priest to do a little afternoon exercising.

For more of the former Flip Mode member’s potent product, support his upcoming Marcberg: Reloaded project when it drops this summer.

Roc Marciano – “Poltergeist”

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